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OH SNAP! Why did we never see it!?

it all makes sense now

Resident Evil 6 to have over 4 hours of cut scenes, Kojima am cry


If you thought developer Hideo Kojima loved cut scenes, you ain’t seen nothing yet. According to the British Board of Film Classification Resident Evil 6 has enough to make at least two full movies. That’s a whole lot of zombies; 4:15 minutes of zombie carnage to be exact according to the BBFC. Resident Evil 6 launches this October on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at a later date.

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The Walking Dead game


Sidney Sime


The Walking Dead: Death to Zombies!

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Dr. Ned (I’m Helping!)

Yakuza: Dead Souls

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The Walking Dead game

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Clutch-The Regulator

Featured in the last episode of The Walking Dead (Nebraska)

Clutch and Zombies just work .. clutch also feature in left for dead 2

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Dead Rising concept art.

Zombie renders operation raccoon city.

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So at least 20hours in on Dead Island and …

It is the best zombie smasher I have ever played. The weapons feel nice the kills are very satisfying the game is hardish, I love the stamina system the gfx are killer there is loads of quests, exploring and loot to grab the skill trees are varied and all the playable characters have their own style. I picked Logan as his fury move is so handy and who cannot enjoy boomeranging a big ass axe? I aint even been online yet I imagine it to be loads of fun thx techland for restoring my faith in you as devs … becase the cartel was shit.

Yes it been a bit buggy since release but hell I am loving it, btw I playing offline on ps3 atm as save bug scares me.

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